Which brakes are better. An overview of the main features

The market for car brakes is constantly changing, and today I will provide you with information on what technologies are being used on which models, as well as provide you with an overview of the main features that are most often absent or present only in a small number of models. Brake disc The braking system on modern cars is based on a rotating disc, which rotates in a spiral with the help of a gear. The design includes a very high degree of precision, since the main task is to keep the disc in a straight line and do not allow it to move in an erratic orbit. In addition, there is a strong bias to the left engine, which is used to generate torque. The design includes a very thin friction material, which makes it easy to push the disc through the air. It is worth saying that for the performance characteristics of this system to be acceptable, you need to use the maximum amount of friction. Brake discs Discs on modern cars can do two things well – they can protect the pads from drying out and they can also be used to prevent them from vibrating. They can also be used to soften the impact of impacts. The braking system on the brakes is one of the simplest systems. It is just that the pads are a little too soft . Plates The purpose of pads on The pads are almost an afterthought, their presence is almost a miracle. They are completely unnecessary, since their main function is to protect the disk from damage. Their absence can be explained by the fact that on modern cars, the pads are installed on a fixed position, and there is no way to change them during operation. There is no way to install different pads on the disk, and only one working theory is that they are for sale, installed for a certain period of time, and then they are rarely used. The reason for the pads not to be used was that they were installed for a long time after their purchase , through the entire service life of the car, and especially after a catastrophic failure. This is not a topic that small pads can cope with . How to tell if the pads will cope with the task Read more about