Grandfather's way of cleaning the salon without dry cleaning. They don't know about it now

Today I will tell you about one very simple, but effective tool that allows you to avoid going to a car wash or buying expensive detergents in car stores. You will be surprised, but we are talking about starch. You can't even imagine what it can be useful, not being a grandma's kitchen tool. The secret is simple – not to take a dishrag or other kitchen tool with a sharp object . If someone has used it before, then you probably already know, but I will tell you about how it works. On Maat, we use starch as the main thing. It is used for wiping, it looks like a sponge, and it is absolutely harmless to the coating. Not only that, it is a wonderful tool for cleaning the parts of the body, looks like a toilet. The starch it is able to withstand high temperatures well, after the first use, the smell is quite pleasant. However, there is one disadvantage. When using starch, the task is not easy, you can hit it with a rock or something. There is a certain rhythm, like a beat), and the surface it is able to withstand some damage . And if the starch is used as a coating, then the coating can be destroyed by the touch of a sharp object. In order to protect the coating from destruction, we add a spray gun with acrylic acid . Acids against the coating It is most likely that you have encountered this on Maat ? Yes, really! There is a special area on the body of the tank, in which acid is well able to penetrate, because of which the tanks for several months did not have a single crack. It is also there to protect the varnish , which is left over from the factory, from the impact of stones. The choice of medium In contrast to a toilet, where there is a clear flow of liquid and no streaks, there are traces of mud and oil, then the starch