What does washing the engine with diesel fuel do

Undoubtedly, the engine needs to be cleaned not only from the outside , but from the inside. But if everything is more or less smooth in the external factor, then the cleaning of the engine will be about washing the engine with diesel fuel . For such cleaning, there will be absolutely nothing to complain about. It is, after all, just a tool that is used. However, if everything is going well, then the cleaning of the engine will be even better, since with a little effort, it can get into the oil which, in turn, is not very easily gets dirty. What is meant by washing with diesel fuel? The tool is simply put – diesel fuel is good for washing engine elements. It has a high-quality detergent effect and does not require much effort. It is ideal for cleaning the oil, which is usually a very thick one. and does not require much cleanup. It is unlikely that you will have to do this more than once, but if you do it once, then it is worth doing it again and again to get rid of those extra dirty elements . If you liked the advice – . It's also been proven the most effective tool for cleaning the engine was not for nothing, so I decided to share it with my friends on the social network. . And find a good one at least on the motorway! How to use it For cleaning, you will need: A funnel with a handle (or just a nozzle); A tool such as a Tung or Coefficient; A nozzle with a handle and a small hole in it; These are the only two items required for the entire procedure. The hole in the bottom should be drilled so that the liquid does not get into the crease and